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Instant Red Rooibos Tea Powders

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Red Rooibos Instant Tea

Island Teas is now specializing in many healthy instant teas and the Rooibos variety is the most healthy of them all by far. The pure Rooibos extract powder is red,taste like regulur tea and has zero calories. It is caffeine free and contains 5 times more antioxidants than green tea. Rooibos is rich in vitamins and minerals and by imbibing the powdered kind you are ingesting the pure leaf powder for maximum health benefits. Studies have shown this tea is comparable to green tea in the amounts of polyphenols it contains too.

The clean, aromatic flavor of Rooibos can safely be enjoyed in unlimited quantities throughout the day or evening, with no harmful side-effects. In fact, it makes a soothing and relaxing evening tea before sleep! Rooibos tea helps delay the aging process! The aging of our bodies is caused by toxic compounds called free radicals which are produced as a by-product of normal cell function. These free radicals attack our healthy cells. Over our lifetime this damage contributes to aging and our immune system weakens. Recently, Japanese scientists have found that Rooibos tea contains a mimic of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), an antioxidant which attacks the free radicals and limits their damaging effects. Rooibos (red or green tea) helps to relieve stomach ulcers, nausea, constipation, and heartburn. Have a cup of Rooibos red tea before you get ready for bed to ensure a good night's sleep! Rooibos has been found to help with insomnia, disturbed sleeping patterns, nightmares and headaches. Rooibos is a great remedy for hangovers too!

Instant Red Rooibos Tea Powders

What makes our instant Rooibos red tea better is that it is delicious and it is water solubble, ready-to-make pure and natural lattes, frappes or healthy smoothies according to you taste with sugar or sugar free. Plus, Rooibos instant extract has no preservatives or additives.



Mix One Tbls. of Instant Rooibos Mix with 6-8 ozs. of Hot or Cold Water
Use Milk For Lattes or Smoothies
Add more mixture for stronger flavor
Add ice to mixture in Blender for a Cool Beverage or
Blend Your Favorate Fruits in it for a Healthy Smoothie
Optional - Top with Whip Cream and/or Cherry

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