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Pu Erh Loose Leaf Tea

We feature an organic pu erh loose leaf tea which is a well-made even leaf style and steeps a strong cup.

Pu-erh Tea Loose Leaf is a fully fermented tea which can only be made with a specific variety of broad-leaf tea plant.

Pu-erh or Puer tea is a fermented tea, named after Pu'er county in Yunnan, China. It is a very unusual tea, because unlike other teas which are consumed within two years after harvest, it can be over 50 years old and is usually aged at least 1-4 years. Over this time it acquires an earthy flavour which is due to fermentation.

Pu-erh is considered a medicinal tea in China.

The Pu-erh tea has been subject to a number of health studies. A number of medical studies have substantiated claims that the tea helps reduce cholesterol levels and saturated fats in human; it could assist in weight loss.

Researchers in China showed that it is the best amongst all teas for body slimming function. Unlike other teas, the longer Pu-erh is stored, provided it is done properly, the better the taste and quality become. Old vintages of Pu-erh are quite expensive and rare in the international tea market.


 Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea CakesWe feature Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea Cakes with Ginseng Blossoms, Jasmine and Rose - These are our most popular teas with awesome flavor - my favorite too - individually paper-wrapped Pu-erh Tuochas scented with rose petals. This tea from China's Yunnan province is reminiscent of a Rose Congou but with the health benefits of pu-erh. Give it a long steep with fully boiling water.

Black Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea. This Tuo Cha is a black Pu-erh pressed into small cakes shaped like bowls or "birds nests". It has a mellow flavor with some of the classic Pu-erh earthiness. These tea cakes are aged one year, but expected to improve further in flavor in 2-3 years. Each bowl is good for 2-4 cups of tea and 3 plus infusions. Steep overnight to make an entire pot of tea and 1 lb. can make approximately 100 pots of tea.

Pu-erh teas come from Yunnan province and improve with age. Some are still drinkable at age 50. They come in green, black, white and brick tea. These are teas with medicinal qualities, highly prized by the connoisseur. Tea leaves are withered, then, still slightly moist, they're heaped into piles where a bacterium creates a reaction. The leaves are then dried loose or compressed into tea bricks or cakes.

The peoples of the Yunnan-Tibet border have drunk pu-erh since the Tang dynasty, according to a Song dynasty scientific reference. The troops of Kublai Khan, "pacifying" the southwest after the 13th century Mongol conquest, are said to have introduced pu-erh to the rest of China for its medicinal value. Bricks of pu-erh tea constituted the first medium of monetary exchange used by nomads beyond the Great Wall of China, recorded in Chinese records as early as A.D. 476.

The aroma and flavor are earthy, and pu-erh is often blended with other teas. It is said to help lower blood cholestrol levels and increase metabolism.

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