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Decaffeinate Tea

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Island Teas takes great pride in bringing you these prized decaf teas and providing an even healthier beverage than tea already is with less caffeine. It has only been since the 1980s that advances in production technology have resulted in the availability of good quality decaffeinated tea. Sencha TeaThe less common, more expensive carbon dioxide (CO2) method of decaffeination involves putting the tea leaves into water and adding liquid carbon dioxide. When the water and carbon dioxide are drained off, the caffeine washes off too–leaving a decaffeinated leaf. This is not only chemical free, it preserves natural flavors better, resulting in superior taste. So, by using this process for our decaf loose leaf teas, we provide the most delicious healthy versions.

For more details about caffeine in beverages see our caffeine chart in the tea guide.

Did you know that decaf green tea has less caffeine than black tea and organic versions are the healthiest?

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