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Proper Preparation of Matcha

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Within these recipe pages you will read excerpts from our upcoming green tea cookbook.

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Here's what you will need:

High quality matcha
Matcha bowl (Matchawan)
Tea Whisk (not optional!)
Bamboo Matcha Spoon(You really do need one of these too!)
Matcha sifter (aka "Matcha Furui" - optional)
Screen for sifting matcha (optional)

Step 1. Heat your matcha bowl by adding very hot water and allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Then, empty and DRY COMPLETELY.

Step 2. With special bamboo tea spoon, add 1 1/2 ~ 1 3/4 spoon fulls of thin matcha to the bowl. We like to sift it through a screen for a more consistant, frothier brew, but this is optional. Note: If you are using a regular teaspoon instead of the traditional Japanese bamboo matcha spoon, only add about 1/4 of a teaspoon!

Step 3. Add about 1/2 cup of hot water with a temperature of about 175F/80C. Important: This is somewhat less than boiling.

Step 4. Wet your tea whisk. Next, whisk briskly in a "W" shaped pattern for a minute or two until the matcha froths to a nice green colored foam.

Modern Matcha Preparation

If you do not have a whisk, use a fork to briskly whisk the Matcha in hot water until it froths.

Another great modern way to make Matcha is use a blender on low speed for about 30 to 45 seconds or until it froths to your liking.

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