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About Dr. August Wald

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Dr. August Wald, PhD.

August Wald has a PhD and is Island Teas director, writer, marketing consultant and technical adviser. He has done extensive research and writing on alternative therapies for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with a focus on Metaphysical, alternative and integrated therapy approaches to wellness. He has also developed many tea and herbal formulas. He has literally written and published over 30,000 pages on the Internet and his book "Green Tea Health & Matcha Recipes" was released in November 2008. Among his current projects he is writing a book on herbal health, alternative therapies for PTSD and business courses. Doctor Wald is a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association, Fellow of the Holistic Life Coaches Association (F.H.L.C.A.) and a Certified Member of the Holistic Life Coaching Institute.

As a Vietnam veteran, August has learned to cope with PTSD by supplementing his Veterans Administration therapy with these valuable experiences and focused on continued writing, experimentation and research. His depth of understanding and abilities are clearly demonstrated through his blogs on Google, his Internet work on this website, our eBay Tea Store, Island Teas on Amazon and his 27,000+ page free body, mind and spirit website SpiritCommunity.com. August has written the green tea book with health information, recipes, how to market them and much more. It was released November 2008 by Tierra Verde Publishing and now available. See the table on contents: "Green Tea Health & Matcha Recipes".

August has traveled the far east and lived in Japan for several years. This was the beginning of his understanding about Matcha green tea powder and when he was first introduced to the Japanese tea ceremony. August loves the Oriental culture, food and people! Through his diverse eyes, the world can benefit from his multi-faceted approaches to alternative medical treatments and therapies. He has also worked with many cancer patients and diseased animals. He has many years of lecturing and teaching experience as well as doing website design for over 20 years and Island Teas is truly blessed to have such a gifted and versatile man as a chief consultant. He is also nicknamed the "Tea Doctor" or "Doctor T" and the "Matcha Man".