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Green Tea Health With Matcha Recipes by Dr. August Wald PhD

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Green Tea Health With Matcha Recipes

Tierra Verde Publishing brings you this diverse and educational new book by "Doctor T" AKA "Matcha Man". This 137 page paperback released November 2008 presents revolutionary ideas for making healthy recipes with green tea. Discover the natural health properties in green tea featuring healthy recipes utilizing the versatile Matcha green tea powder. It also explains how an amino acid contained in tea helps enhance the body, mind and spirit which increases the meditative state of mind, balance and decreases the effects of caffeine.

Doctor Wald discusses the origins of tea and gives you a concise story of tea throughout the centuries. Although green tea was discovered over four thousands of years ago in China, it was Japan that developed the famous Matcha and its associated tea ceremony. The book offers details about what fair trade practices are and facts about organic tea production and cultivation.

His book describes what naturally occurring compounds such as Polyphenols found in green tea are. Details are disclosed about the many health benefits of green tea like preventing cancer, tooth decay, weight loss and fat burning, lowering cholesterol levels, increasing metabolism, energy vitalization and much more. Learn about L-theanine and its ability to enhance brain functions. August emphasizes the importance of using pure water for brewing tea or regular consumption and reveals facts about toxins in community water, rivers, lakes which clearly shows how important it is to avoid these for the prevention of diseases.

This book demonstrates, in so many ways, why Matcha green tea powder is the healthiest of all green teas, creative enjoyable culinary ideas for its use and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. There are more than 50 healthy green tea recipes and cooking ideas in multiple categories and includes ones that are sugar free and diabetic safe. There is a Japanese scientific study chart in this book which identifies all the nutritional values contained in Matcha too.

For the entrepreneur, August shows how many great products can be developed with Matcha green tea powder, how Island Teas can assist in the private labeling of tea and simple marketing tips.

This book is a must read for those interested in good nutrition, the tea business, selling health products and tea or love green tea. Below are the contents of these enlightening chapters.

Chapter 1 About Tea & Its Origins
Chapter 2 Green tea Health Benefits
Chapter 3 Preventing Cancer with Green Tea
Chapter 4 Green Tea and Brain Functions
Chapter 5 Green tea & Weight Loss
Chapter 6 Effects of Caffeine in Tea & Other Beverages
Chapter 7 Facts about Water
Chapter 8 About Matcha
Chapter 9 The Matcha Japanese Green Tea Ceremony
Chapter 10 Organic Tea, Certification & The Fairtrade Federation
Chapter 11 Green Tea Recipes
Chapter 12 About Island Teas & Private Labeling
Chapter 13 Twelve Easy Steps to Promote Your Tea Business
About the Author
Appendix A Recommended Resources

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ISBN: 978-0-615-25713-6
Copyright© 2008 August Wald, PhD. AKA Doctor T - The Matcha Man
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Green Tea Health With Matcha Recipes by August Wald, PhD.

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