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Green Tea Health With Matcha Recipes by Dr. August Wald PhD

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Green Tea Health With Matcha Recipes

Tierra Verde Publishing brings you this diverse and educational new book by "Doctor T" AKA "Matcha Man". This 137 page paperback released November 2008 presents revolutionary ideas for making healthy recipes with green tea. Discover the natural health properties in green tea featuring healthy recipes utilizing the versatile Matcha green tea powder. It also explains how an amino acid contained in tea helps enhance the body, mind and spirit which increases the meditative state of mind, balance and decreases the effects of caffeine.

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5000 years of Tea, a Pictorial Companion
by Derek Maitland
Hong Kong: CFW Publications, Ltd., 130 Connaught Road Central, 1982

Delightful coffee table book, nice illustrations, much information about the history of tea. 143 pages.

The Little Tea Book Online

A Basis for Tea Selection
by C. P. Cohen Stuart
Buitenzorg Research Station, Indonesia, 1919.

A Decent Cup of Tea
by Malachi McCormick
Clarkson Potter, New York, 1991
ISBN#: 0-517-58462-X

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Tea and Tea Dealing
by F W F Staveacre
Pitman, London, 2. edition, 1933.

Tea and the Domestication of the Turkish State
by C.M. Hann
School of Oriental & African, 1990
ISBN#: 0906719151

Tea Companion: A Connoisseur's Guide
by Jane Pettigrew
Apple Press, 1997
ISBN#: 1850767777

Tea cult of Japan, An aesthetic pastime
by Yasunosuke Fukukita
Tourist Library, Vol. 1, Tokyo, 1937.
Japanese government railways. Board of tourist industry, S. l.

78 pages
Small version of the authors larger book.

Cha Jing - The Classic Book of Tea

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Buddhist Temple

Lu Yu; the Saint of Tea and Cha Jing

The original Cha Jing consisted of 3 books and 10 chapters; Book 1 of Cha Jing consisted the first 3 chapters, Cha Jing book 2 consisted of chapter 4 only, Cha Jing book 3 consisted of chapters 5 to 10. After the Tang Dynasty Cha Jing was bound into a single book and the three volumes version was no longer available.