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Camellias Sinesis (Green Tea)

Island Teas is is an online wholesale, retail and private label development tea company located in beautiful sunny Parrish, of Manatee County, in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Our tea company was established under another name in 2000 but was purchased by several owners, but now is owned by August Wald since 2006 and renamed Island Teas.

Dr. August Wald, PhDIsland Teas only sells pure loose leaf, gourmet and powdered teas, like Matcha, which are procured by our expert tea owner, August Wald, who has a PhD in Holistic Health and specializes in herbs, teas and alternative, intigative and natural therapies. August is also known as the "Tea Doctor" or "Doctor T" and the "Matcha Man." He has been selling his own brand of teas with a specialty in the Manufacture and supply of our Matcha green tea mixes and private label mixes to restaurants, coffee shops. cafes, caterers, tea houses, bakeries, ice cream companies, smoothie shops, juice bars, franchises and more throughout the USA. The health benefits of green tea have caused sales to explode. Taste, ease of making and versatility is the most important preference for Americans. That's why sweetened and flavor mix options are expected to increase sales in the US for 2017. It is projected to surpass 2 billion dollars this year.

We also offer loose leaf teas. There is no comparison of fresh full flavored teas leaves compared to tea bags that are made from scraps and leftovers from tea processing you purchase in your local supermarket. Once you try the real thing, you'll never drink those low grade teas again. Our proprietary instant teas are made with all natural ingredients too. We only sell the best of the best teas online. This is why we have so many loyal repeat tea loving customers. In fact, some of our products have been used on Food TV.

Island Teas offers over 100 varieties of teas including Black Teas, Green teas, White Teas and Oolongs. We also carry a wide selection of Rooibos and Honeybush herbal blends as well as over 20 other herbs and herbal blends, including Fruit Tisanes and Mates. Our brokers are certified organic by QAI or other tea certification organizations from around the world and offer 100% Organic Nilgiri Black and Green Teas from several renowned estates, including the Korakundah Estate in the Nilgiri Region of India. Additionally, we also offer a wide selection of flavored teas, most of which use a high quality 100% Nilgiri black or Ceylon tea base. These are the best teas for fruit flavoring. All of our flavored teas are made to order with the best of natural ingredients and are flavored at our own facility.

All the herbs used in our blends are ethically gathered at peak potency. Our herbs and teas are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated. All the flavoring used in Island Teas blends are pure and natural too.

We are Rated 5 Stars on eBay and Amazon

We sell retail or wholesale Japanese Matcha powder, loose leaf green tea, English Teas, herbal teas, chai, white tea, silver needle tea, Oolong, natural flavored teas, loose leaf tea, decaf, organic, instant tea mixes and much more. Our online tea store has an extensive line of exotic top-of-the-line rare teas and sugar free tea mixes. All of our flavored teas are blended fresh weekly. We sell many rare and top-of -the-line exotic teas too! Now you can save big money by making your own healthy - delicious Starbuck instant green tea Frappuccinos, smoothies, lattes' or green ice tea at home with our Matcha instant green tea mix like Starbucks. Click the link at the bottom of the page to buy it wholesale for your cafe, restaurant, smoothie shop or juice bar. Contact us if you would like to be a distributor. We also provide many other free online health benefits, historical data, many tea tips and Matcha tea recipes from our green tea recipe cookbook.

Tea is known as nature's "wonder drug". Of late, tea and its healthy benefits have been receiving wide attention in the media and scientific researchers throughout the world. New scientific data has shown how teas enhance good health and help prevent disease. The ability of tea to promote good health has long been believed in many countries, especially Japan, China, India, and even England.

If you are a tea or gourmet entrepreneur or business owner we now do private label tea packaging and consulting. contact us.

Learn all about tea, find definitions, types or meaning of tea terms with our powerful search feature and online tea dictionary. For a wealth of information about tea and how to keep your teas fresh or flavorful and learn more about tea products read our tea guide or see our site map.

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